Star Mounds is Not a Hotel Name

Once again, the people have to fight against greedy people who care more about what’s in their pockets rather than preserving our ancestry. This time it’s happening in Samoa, and let me tell you, I’ve had it with Samoa’s elitists. This time it’s O.F. Nelson Properties Limited. They want to sell our sacred land to the highest bidder without thinking about the consequences this will bring about to our heritage.

Big Company

When Googling O.F. Nelson Properties Limited there is, ironically, limited information provided for this company. Given its name, I feel as if this company was named after Olaf Frederick Nelson. While, it’s possible namesake was a businessman, I don’t believe O.F. Nelson would have approved the selling of sacred land.

Why do I say this? Well, if you know anything about the Mau Movement, you will know that Mr. Nelson and his wife were big supporters and leaders in the movement. His wife was even a leader in the women’s Mau Movement which picked up the baton when the men had to stop due to oppression. To think that a company that could be named after him is willing to do away with Samoan history, culture, and preservation, is absolutely disgusting.

This company has no care for the preservation of Samoa. They are obviously showing that they don’t have any Samoan pride whatsoever. If they did, they would find a way to preserve the land. I can even hear them saying they are doing this to help the village and bring money to Samoa. However, there are other ways to do that.

For example, they could preserve the land and turn it into a park. Many places around the world have preservation areas around the world that attract many visitors every year. There are ways to create revenue through this. By have an entry way that collects and have vendors surrounding the land.

I mean thinking of new ways to create revenue and attract tourism while preserving our culture and heritage is not a hard thing to do. We don’t need a hotel.

Star Mounds Significance

Archeologists have worked over the past few years at trying to figure out what the significance of the star mounds mean. There are different theories from pigeon hunting to the cosmos. There’s not much known why our ancestors used these mounds.

I personally believe that we could still do some more research about them. I’m not an archeologist, but future and present archeologists – especially Samoan ones – would want to see if they can gain any more information about our ancestors. Not only this, but these are our ancestors’ sacred land. Something, I’m sure, they hoped we would preserve.

Contacting O.F. Nelson Properties Limited

This company has had a page up, I assume, since March. On this page it explains how the land has been an interest to those in the academic world and tourists. It even talks about the history, but doesn’t even touch on the fact that it will be selling land sacred to us.

On the page they have an email for people to contact the board of directors of the company. That email is I suggest that we email this contact expressing our concern and preservation of our ancestral land.

If we had the time, I would love to raise the money to buy the land. Create a historical Samoan organization that purchases Samoan land to preserve it or ensure that only Samoans or those of Samoan descent can purchase land on the guarantee that it will stay Samoa. Maybe that is what we need to do anyways. We may not be able to save this piece of land, but maybe we can help future land that will be up for sale. Trust me it will happen and if that new amendment passes then it will for sure happen.

If you know how to create an organization that protects ancestral land, can we get together and get this going. It’s time Samoans, even those in the diaspora, take back our land from greedy hands and those who don’t care to preserve Samoan culture.

What to write to the company

To whom it may concern,

I am writing to petition against the sale of this land. The land you are attempting to sell was illegally sold to Frank Wilson in 1872. The people of Palaui have ancestral ties to this land, and it is their birthright to preserve this land. These lands is the people’s heritage and identity. By selling this land, you are no better than the colonizers who came to the islands years ago.

Please consider the damage you are doing and the harm that will befall the people of Palaui. You may think you are helping, but in actuality you are doing more damage. Just look at the Native Hawaiians. They aren’t being helped. Their community is some of the largest who are homeless because of capitalism and tourism. Do you want to be responsible like the colonizer that continue to penetrate Polynesian society? Please help preserve our Samoan rich culture by giving the land back to the people. Sacred land is not a vacation destination.



Sacred Land is Not a Vacation Destination

This is something we have to keep telling our community. I know there are many who will say, “This will bring money to the people of the village,” or “This could help the Samoan community.” Look at Hawaii. It doesn’t help the indigenous people. In fact, it does more harm than good. I could go deeper in this, but that’s a totally different post. Anyways, please sign the petition and hopefully, the company will hear us.


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