Empowered Pasifika Women: Falon Mei

I am so honored to help share this amazing woman’s story. I met Falon on Clubhouse and her amazing spirit and positive vibe is so contagious. She is a bright light and her story of how she has been creating change within her family is beautiful. Here is her story:

Empowered Through Challenges

I am a first generation American Samoan woman born and raised in Las Vegas, Nevada. My husband and I have been together for 10 years and married for 6 years. I’ve been an entrepreneur since I was young and since then opened multiple businesses. My current endeavor is working as a virtual assistant/brand story consultant with local Las Vegas, women owned businesses. I am passionate about emotional intelligence, learning about theology, challenging myself and living fully alive.

What was the spark that started you on the path where you are today?

I was always looking for women of strength that I could look up to. That search has sent me on a lifelong journey of learning.

What is one thing that you think Pasifika can do to help our voices be heard more?

Celebrate all wins: big and small.

If a young Pasifika girl asked you, “Why is it important to empower other Pasifika women?” What would you tell her?

Growing up, I didn’t have a Pasifika woman to look up to. I love my mom and my grandma and my aunt, but the life they chose to lead didn’t pull me. There were other women of other cultures who were breaking the glass ceilings and I yearned for someone like that to do that from my culture. Now I realize, that desire was a call on my life to be that woman for someone else. Your story will be that for another young girl. This cycle will be our legacy.

As a Pasifika leader, creative, advocate, etc. how do you find ways to uplift the voices of other Pasifika women?

I don’t see them as competition. As small as that is, it’s a huge mentality shift. We’re on the same team. There’s enough for us all.

How important is it for Pasifika men to be a part of the conversation of uplifting our Pasifika women?

It’s everything. They are still highly regarded in our culture and sometimes the weight of their voice outweighs ours. If we are going to continue towards healthy relationships, we need them to advocate for this space.

Who is it that you look to as a role model?

As an entrepreneur, mother and Christian, Phylicia Masonheimer. As an emotionally intelligent leader, Abi Stumvoll.

Where do you think the Pasifika community falls short when it comes to empowering our women? If we do at all.

I’m not sure, but I feel like a lot of us get caught in a loop talking about the problems instead of focusing on the solution: moving forward together.

What song do you listen to that empowers you to keep going?

Love theory – Kirk Franklin

What movie brings you inspiration?

Moana — no lie. I cried so hard in the movie theater.

What is a quote that you go to when needing encouragement?

Psalms 27

What is your advice to Pasifika women who are on the journey to empowerment?

Keep seeking out women who inspire you, in our community or outside of it. What you’re looking for in her is what is developing within you. Do the work and be that woman for someone else.

I want to thank Falon for taking the time to share her words of wisdom and her story. I hope her story inspires you as much as it has inspired me!


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