Empowered Pasifika Women: Tonga Victoria

I think I can count on one hand the amount of Pasifika authors I can list. One of those people would be Tonga Victoria. I think it is wonderful to see our women entering industries where not many of us have ventured. So, here’s a little bit about Tonga Victoria!

Empowered Through Writing

Housing Organizer, Author, Small Biz Owner

What was the spark that started you on the path where you are today?

Community, Tonga, imagination

What is one thing that you think Pasifika can do to help our voices be heard more?

release the story within them

If a young Pasifika girl asked you, “Why is it important to empower other Pasifika women?” What would you tell her?

We come from similar struggles & upbringings, so the drive & determination to make it for family and community is similar too. That is enough to support each and every Pasifika woman.

As a Pasifika leader, creative, advocate, etc. how do you find ways to uplift the voices of other Pasifika women?

Holding space for Pasifika women who need to process. Listen actively and offer wisdom & counsel where I’m able to.

How important is it for Pasifika men to be a part of the conversation of uplifting our Pasifika women?

100% important.

Who is it that you look to as a role model?


Where do you think the Pasifika community falls short when it comes to empowering our women? If we do at all.

Hate be so real. So real.

What song do you listen to that empowers you to keep going?

Kehlani Cloud 19, Jhene Aiko Trip, Cutthroat Juice Mode, reggae

What movie brings you inspiration?

Romcom, action adventure

What is a quote that you go to when needing encouragement?

“Do it for Ocean.”

What is your advice to Pasifika women who are on the journey to empowerment?

Don’t give up & build meaningful community.

I’m so glad to see more of our women writing books! As someone who used to be an avid reader (I need to go back to those days), I can’t wait for the day to see more our people’s books on shelves. To take my kids to a book store and say, “You see that name? They’re Pasifika!” Thank you Tonga for sharing your story with us!


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