Pasifika Love Story: Jasmine and Soli

Finding love is never easy. Especially when you’re dealing with this modern dating realm. However, this story is one that actually makes me want to read it over and over again. It’s one that inspires hope and heart eyes. But don’t take it from me, read it for yourself:

What is Your Love Story?

I’d never had an interest in dating before I’d met my boyfriend. Sure, I was a hopeless romantic at heart. I’m a writer, and I spent countless hours painstakingly crafting different variations of what I considered a Great Love Story. And while I was firmly set in what I wanted in a partner, I ultimately had no interest in looking in the first place. 

My parents were beginning to worry—here their 26-year-old daughter was with a stable career and college degree, just like they’d planned when they moved to the US from Samoa, and not only was she single with no interest in dating, but she’s never had a boyfriend in her life–an unforeseen turn of events.

What was the point? I was happy, and had plenty of time to reflect and explore what I ideally wanted in a life partner. I wanted a connection that was both like lightning and a summer breeze, one where it wasn’t a chore to try and that I didn’t feel like I was sacrificing core parts of myself. If I never found that person, I knew I’d be okay because I’d spent enough of my life learning to enjoy my own company.

I never expected that I’d meet that person three weeks after I turned 27, not on a dating app, but on Tiktok of all places.

Soli followed me on TikTok after seeing a video of mine where I was showcasing an old sketchbook I had. He’d recognized a couple doodles I’d scrawled across the worn pages during work—specifically the characters Peridot from Steven Universe and Arnold and Gerald from Hey Arnold!—and decided that I was cool enough for him to follow.

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Pasifika Love Storie: DeeJay and Neens

This love story is one that I’m excited for y’all to read! Please meet DeeJay and Uini aka Neens. They have been together for 10+ years and here is there their story:

What is Your Love Story?

I’m Samoan and my wife is Tongan. Tokouso to the fullest! Been around the same crowd but never ran into each other until college. We met thru FB. Got together September 2010, married June 2014 and 3kids later we’re still growing together. Our love has been on a rollercoaster from the start. Trust issues, family issues, postpartum, and more. But I wouldn’t have done it with anyone else.

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Repost: Polynesian Men, White Girls, Dating… OH MY!

Originally posted November 29, 2019

I’m going to be stepping on some toes here writing this blog. This is a topic that has come to my attention through my own experiences, what I’ve seen online and other channels. Which is why I felt the need to write about it. Why do Polynesian men prefer white girls over Polynesian women? Notice I’m not saying Samoan men versus Samoan women or Fijian men versus Fijian women because I know what the arguments are there. “She could be my cousin,” “I can’t deal with the culture any longer,” (which by the way is a LAME excuse if you ask me. The culture part defs not the cousin part. Don’t date your cousin people.), and other excuses. That’s why I’m saying Polynesian men versus Polynesian women because it’s across the board. I did my “informal” research. So, let’s dive in.

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Dating Being Pasifika

Well I figured since I’m single as a Pringle, I should defs participate in my own series about being single! So here goes…

A Little Bit About the Woman Behind Sipping Koko

I’m a 27 year old (this will obviously not be evergreen lol) marketing manager just hanging out in good ole Nashville, TN. I haven’t had much luck in love for a myriad reasons, but it sure isn’t from a lack of trying. I grew up in a medium sized town in the Southern USA, and while I was more focused on school work and my career, I had always grown up hoping to find “the perfect man.”

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Dating Being Pasifika: Reina Pahulu

A little bit about Reina Pahulu

Reina Kapiolani Pahulu is a first generation Tongan-American Leiti, aka Transgender Woman as per western standards. Her pronouns are she, her, & hers. Reina is a local poet & community organizer in the wonderful Beehive State (Utah) and is very passionate about creating discourse, change, & space for our Pasifika people to thrive.

What is your ideal partner?

Someone unafraid to dream but more importantly willing to make them come true, can make me laugh with just a look, knows how to make me feel safe no matter where we are, and can cook a decent meal. Is very patient, open to growth but firm in his ideals as a man.

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