Pasifika Women and History

The Sea of the Unknown

As some of you know, I live in Nashville, TN and you could say that the resources and access to Pasifika history are bleak. Not to add to the fact that I’m looking for specifically Pasifika women in history. That’s a hopeless case. So, where do I turn to? Google of course! However, I feel like I’m lost at sea just trying to find one piece of land that has a mountain of information. I wish I was in New Zealand or Samoa or really any island where I could dig to find information, but I’m not, and that’s quite frustrating. I feel like I should be able to easily find quotes from our women, but the thing is it seems like our women’s voices didn’t really matter until the 20th century and barely during that time.

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#EmpoweredPasifikaWomen – Amanda Stowers

Empowered Through Heritage and the Arts

I grew up in a large family in Southern California, with three older brothers. My Dad is originally from New Zealand, where his family emigrated from Samoa before he was born. My Dad ended up on a trip to the US in his early 20’s, met my Mom and started a family here in the US. Growing up I was always a creative with an interest in the arts, and working as a backstage set builder and costume designer for theatre shows. Making the move to own my own full time creative business felt like a natural step for me. I now own and operate Afakasi Prints, where I specialize in relief printmaking, block printing, hand-painted murals, and now hand thrown and carved ceramics as well. All of my designs and work are inspired by my Pasifika background and heritage.

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Pasifika Women and Film

Pasifika Women Film

In between featuring women who are making change happen, I want to discuss different topics that I think about when it comes to Pasifika women. One of the big topics that come to mind is Pasifika women and film. Recently, I have seen representation here and there of women who are doing good work behind and in front of the camera or behind the scenes. They are telling our stories and putting them in a place that can never be forgotten, Why does it matter? These are just a couple of questions I want to explore.

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Women Herstory Month

I have to be honest with you all, I wasn’t for sure how to really kick off this month. I knew the direction and how I wanted to conduct celebrating our Pasifika women, but how do you kick it off? Then it hit me. This kick off isn’t going to be much of a hype up because I feel like everyday should be a celebration of Pasifika women and our community. However, what it will be is a reflection of something that has always been in the back of my mind about the history of women and women’s fight for equality.

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