Pasifika Pride: Pele Vaimoso

During the beginnings of Sipping Koko, I was searching for Pasifika podcasts that I could listen to and learn from. It was on For the Qultures that I listened to an episode with a guest who shared his story of what it’s like to be a part of the LGBTQIA+ community. Pele Vaimoso spoke from the heart, and from that episode, I have learned so much from him. He has an amazing podcast called Queer Coco that you definitely need to check out! I’m honored to help share a bit of his story here.

PRIDE in Self Worth

I’m so proud of myself for not letting other people’s insecurities about my sexuality define me. I dictate who, what and where I want to be and there’s nothing more liberating after being told that YOU ARE NOT WORTHY.

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Pasifika Pride: Falefia Jr. Brandon Fuamatu

I joined Clubhouse around February of this year. Like any social media app, I was excited to meet different people. One person who made a real impact was Falefia Jr. Brandon Fuamatu. First off, his profile picture was absolute fire (see below). If that didn’t make you want to know who this person was, then it would be the wisdom and amazing grace he has when he speaks. Falefia has such an appreciation and love for our people that you gravitate towards the words flowing through him. I’m blessed to call him my friend and am so excited to help share some of his story with you!

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