History Repeats: Samoan Epidemic 2.0

This post is a hard one for me to write, and I know that many have already talked about this topic, but there needs to be more conversations started about Samoa’s recent epidemic. This is not the first time something this tragic has happened to our country. She has actually been through this before, and it should be said that in the future it should not happen again. When I was in high school my history teacher told us repeatedly that we should be careful not to let history repeat itself. That’s why we learn history. This way it doesn’t happen again. Unfortunately, the history of 1918 hasn’t been taught as a warning, and I think that needs to change. I’m not mad at those that came before us, but there’s something to be said about something that happened just over 100 years ago happening again. So, let’s start with the past, how are here in the present, and what our responsibility is to those of the future.

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Polynesian Men, White Girls, Dating… OH MY!

I’m going to be stepping on some toes here writing this blog. This is a topic that has come to my attention through my own experiences, what I’ve seen online and other channels. Which is why I felt the need to write about it. Why do Polynesian men prefer white girls over Polynesian women? Notice I’m not saying Samoan men versus Samoan women or Fijian men versus Fijian women because I know what the arguments are there. “She could be my cousin,” “I can’t deal with the culture any longer,” (which by the way is a LAME excuse if you ask me. The culture part defs not the cousin part. Don’t date your cousin people.), and other excuses. That’s why I’m saying Polynesian men versus Polynesian women because it’s across the board. I did my “informal” research. So, let’s dive in.

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Plastic: How This Term Continues to Hurt Our Culture

This topic has been in the back of my mind for a long time now. It hasn’t been an easy topic for me to really formulate the words on how I feel about the term “plastic ________.” No matter what island you descend from, you can be called a “plastic Samoan,” “plastic Maori,” etc. if you happen to not know the intricacies of the culture you’re from, but guess what? Some of us didn’t get the choice. So, let me start from the first time I heard the term “plastic.”

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The True Narrative of Hawaii

First Things First: Hawaiians With Hawaiian Blood ARE Polynesians

Y’all don’t get me started on this. It’s absolutely ridiculous that there are people, especially other Polynesians from different islands spreading this narrative. Stating that they are sell outs without understanding the history and underhandedness of the United States is wrong. I know this because I used to think the same way. I never said it out loud, but I sure did think this way. Also the fact that there are many “Native Hawaiians” (and, I really hate using this term because no where in the world are people called “Native Samoans” or “Native Tongans” or “Native Fijians” and so on) are fighting for their land and culture right now. This situation is not an old situation. In fact it’s recent and ongoing. I mean Hawaii has only been a state for a little over 50 years. That’s not a long time, and truthfully it was stolen from them. I will get to that later.

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World Rugby vs. Pacific Islands: Does World Rugby Put Limitations on Polynesian Players and Pacific Islander Teams?

So, does World Rugby put limitations on Polynesian players and Pacific Islander teams? To be completely honest, I do believe they do. With the Rugby World Cup well underway, there has been one thing that bothers me. The fact that so many Polynesian players aren’t playing for their homeland country. I don’t know if this is their choice or the fact that there some underhand rules in place and setbacks in place that prevent them from doing so. I don’t believe that if you’re Samoan you have to play for Manu Samoa, but I do believe that if circumstances were different and you wanted to on the big stage, then you should be able to. Now, I’m going to place a disclaimer here and say that I’m not well versed in rugby and how all the clubs and professional teams work together or how the terms are set for players to play for one team. What I do know is that World Rugby has not been playing fair with Pacific teams.

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Sipping Koko

Let’s Talk…

“So’o le fau i le fau.”
Translation: “Join the hibiscus fibre to hibiscus fibre.”

Now, I don’t speak fluent Samoan, but according to the website I went to, that’s a Samoan proverb that means “Unity is strength.” This is something that I think can perfectly describe the Polynesian community physically and metaphorically. We are a people that when we come together there is great strength.

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